90-Day Challenge

Yesterday I decided to join in 90-Day Challenge, but when I select “90-Day Challenge” in my table progress I don’t see my progress updating. It’s all empty, even though I had written and read a lot today (okay, ‘a lot’ is a big of an exaggeration, but it was relevant). Another doubt I have is if it is possible to change the goals of 90-Day Challenge, maybe increase a little bit some thing.

That’s because you were late for that.
It’s like deciding to join the Second World War yesterday.
It’s all over.
You wait for them to start a new one.

It should be ongoing. Im interested now aswell

They actually do have a drop-down selection for “3 months,” so you can actually do it on your own even though it isn’t official. Just track your daily expected goal (for example, it may say that you should have 13 lings, 7 known words, 0.8 hours of listening, so many words of reading, et cetera, next to the bars). That way you can make sure you are reaching your daily goals, and you can have your own personal challenge.


@Beatrizm, madness11 - Yes, the 90-Day Challenge is over unfortunately. We do intend on making the challenge a permanent feature of the site. Stay tuned. We hope to get to this in the next few months. As suggested, you can set your statistics period to 3 months and see the 90-Day Challenge goals. Then, at the end of 3 months you will be able to see how you did against your targets. Good luck!

Okay, but when 90-Day Challenge start again?

I think he means that you can start your own personal 90-day challenges. This sounds like a great idea.

Personally for me the best option is 1-day challenge but everyday :wink: Good luck guys!

I was fascinated about 90-Day Challenge because I always stay motivated when I see a challenging Challenge and for my experience when we give a name to a challenge/project we are more inclined to complete them. If I can make/do (I never know how to use) a suggestion I would say to create a personalized challenge, i.e. every member of LingQ would could create his own challenge and give it a name (Writing like Shakespeare, Speaking like a Politician, whatever ), he/she could stipulate the time(90 days, 25 days, etc) and the goals (writing more, speaking more, listening more, this depends of what each of us want to learn of a language: speaking better, understanding better,etc). Of course, we can monitor ourselves without this tool in this site, BUT I really think this would facilitate and motivate the learning of many of us(members).

@Beatrizm “If I can make/do (I never know how to use) a suggestion . . .”

The expression is “make” a suggestion. Here are some examples of the usage: