90-day-challenge profile page incorrect

At the invitation in my email today, I signed up for the 90-day-challenge. The invitation took me to the 90-day-challenge page. You are asked to choose a language. I chose Italian and signed up.

Then I went to my 90-day-challenge profile page. The Progress Snapshot showed a button for Spanish. When I clicked on it, thinking I would change it to Italian, there were no other choices.

Obviously, if the 90-day-challenge keeps track of my work in Spanish, I will make no progress whatsoever during the next 90 days. I am studying Italian, not Spanish.

What is going on here? Did I do something wrong?

Thanks for your help.

Hi there!

for me didn’t open at all!!

It looks like there are a few glitches, then. Let’s hope the administration steps in soon.

But it looks normal now…you have stats showing under Italian for the 90 day challenge.

How did you get there? I just went back to my profile page and it still shows Spanish. :-/

I should clarify - the profile page I’m referring to is my 90-day-challenge profile page. My “home” profile page, the one I see when I click on the Learn button, does show my progress in Italian. I don’t understand why the two Progress Snapshots are different from one another.

I can also see your progress in Italian.

No, no - that’s not your profile page - that’s just a kind of community page with sample stats. Your actual 90day one IS the one on your home profile page. Phew! Don’t worry, I made a fool of myself the other day - I couldn’t work out why on earth my language certificate didn’t display - until Alex pointed out that I couldn’t see the certificate link until I earned it - ie. had gone beyond beginner 1 level. Hahaha!

Thank you. Yes, my “home” profile seems to be fine. (See comment below.) It’s the 90-day-challenge profile that is problematic. Perhaps I should just ignore that one, but I assumed that viewing my profile on the 90-day-challenge page would give me a different slant on things than does my home profile page.

see my comment below

Ah. Thank you. The best way to learn is to make mistakes, isn’t it? Obviously I’m still confused by this 90-day-challenge, then. Maybe I should watch those videos. I’m so impatient, and videos take so much time!

You’re welcome. I accidentally gave you an extra rose - my fingers are clumsy today. Anyway, I wanted to add that the 90day profile page is just a shared community page for members to encourage each other or ask questions, etc.

If you scroll down, you will see entries from an earlier challenge that took place earlier in the year. At that time, everyone took part at the same time.

To clarify, your personal 90 day challenge goals and stats will show when you click on the last 7 days link (under your avatar on your home page) and choose ‘90day challenge’. If you haven’t see it already, its showing that you have 22 known words, read 174 words & made 10 lingQs so far in your challenge. The numbers to the right show what the goals are set for you (based on your language and level).

Another thank you. You have been a huge help to me. :slight_smile:

Would you let us know in more detail what the issue was that you experienced?

Hi Alex. It was all user error - the helpful people below pointed out my misunderstanding. I thought what I was seeing on the 90-day-challenge page was my personal profile, not a sample page. It might help other slow learners like me if there could be some clarification of the layout of that page right there. Thanks!

OK, I’ll see what we can do!

Thanks. Also, I must have missed it, but it would also help to explain somewhere that the 90-day-challenge shows up as a button option in one’s personal Progress Snapshot. Someone had to point that button out to me, and also that the goals are right there as well. Other users may not need as much hand-holding as I seem to, though. The forum is a great help in that respect.

On the 90 day challenge page you can also post videos of yourself speaking Italian just to demonstrate your progress as well :slight_smile:

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