90 day challenge is asking me to learn 2730 words

When checking my progress on the 90 day challenges, i noticed that the last 2 i have entered both have 2730 known words as a requirement. Usually the requirement is 546. I currently don’t have that many known words in total in the whole time i have been on lingq. Not sure how we can be expected to learn that many in only 90 days.

I know the challenges mean nothing in the grand scheme of things. I find lots of motivation in doing these challenges. I am very competitive so having these challenges can push me to do more on a day when i haven’t been feeling it.

It is a bit strange that known words are needed for a challenge in my opinion. I would have thought spending time with the language would be a better marker for challenge progress. Expecting x amount of words in a period of time is added pressure that’s not really needed. I am very reluctant to mark word as known unless i feel i really know them. This means my known words doesn’t increase as fast as maybe it should.
I have failed many hardcore challenges despite going way beyond all metrics needed, except for the known words. I would feel good about being top of the leader board at the end of the time period, only to get a notification i have actually failed the challenge.


Perhaps this is because you’ve passed Beginner 2? I believe as your language level increases, so does the expectations. If I were to join French Hardcore where I’m intermediate 2 in, they would expect me to learn 4095 words. In Afrikaans where I’m beginner two it’s 2730 too. So I believe it’s that.

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