90 Day Challenge. How about we work together?

Hey, Everybody,

So I am sure many of you have heard of the Add1 Challenge. In fact, I am curious whether or not this 90 Day Challenge is designed to resemble it. In any case, with the Add 1 Challenge, there are people from all over studying many different languages, intensely for 3 months. From what I understand they have specific goals that they attempt to reach each week and specifically each month. It looks like the Add 1 Challenge is focused more on speaking, which I know is not necessarily the goal for many people on here, but the challenge ends with the participant attempting to have a 15 minute conversation with a native speaker and record it and post it for everyone. From what I have read online, the challenge has a few benefits that people seem to really enjoy. Specifically a community of learners all working together for the same goal, learn a foreign language. The participants come from all different backgrounds with their target language, and they also come to the challenge focusing on different languages as well. So the group can have someone who is learning Spanish commenting on someone’s post who is learning Swahili. The cool thing about it, is it seems from what I have read is that people do well on the challenge because everybody is helping to motivate each other. I previously had a tutor of mine do the challenge with French, she loved it, but said it was very difficult. She also stated that it was wonderful because really progressed in the language. They also have daily goals etc. Just as LingQ does, but I think they have to sign in and do extra stuff. I didn’t feel a need to sign up for the Add 1 Challenge for a couple of reasons. For starters, It is close to $100 to do the challenge, and I don’t know what is different realistically that I can’t get on my own. Besides, I love how LingQ works, and so I figured why not just bring the challenge here instead.

Anyways, I am publishing this thread in hopes that I can get a number of people who are taking various 90 Day Challenges on here, regardless of your language, and we can work together in hopes to motivate all of us. So if you are learning Arabic, Chinese, Spanish or whatever language it may be, we can all work together, speak about our progress and show off where we are in our language. I know there is a function within the challenge where people can comment to people doing the same challenge as them, but unfortunately, I was disappointed in the fact nobody was commenting on their progress. It was silent. Instead, I hope that whom ever might be interested in keeping a group of us working together on our 90 Day Challenge, we could work on this thread/forum and allow all of us to progress in the language. Who knows, maybe we can even create our own mini challenges throughout the 90 Day Challenge, and by the end of it see our progress.

I just finished my first challenge, and had to spend way too much time in the last two weeks listening to finish it. There is nothing wrong with that, but this time around I know I want to finish my listening gradually, not all at once. I also would love to have a group of us share our personal progress, not just seeing the Activity Score on the Leaderboards. I think that is extremely helpful, it allows a miniature competition, but I would like to see us all do this together. I am currently taking 2 90 Day Challenges this time: Hebrew (I am the only person) and Chinese (one of 2 people). So, how about we work together, and students of the other languages band together and help all of us move forward.

I am in the middle of finals this week, finishing up my last paper. So I will be a couple of days behind, but that is okay. I still will try to post my progress on here, in hopes we can have more people work together. Not to mention, I think that we have on LingQ a very low percentage of people finish the challenge, so I was hoping that this might help create a community where we can see the progress, and up having more people finish their personal challenges. I personally, would like to learn a few languages, but it is a gradual process. It is also discouraging to see when you haven’t completed your goals. So instead, I would like to see more of us finish the challenges and eventually reach our own personal goals.

I look forward to seeing some people publish on here. I hope everybody does well with their challenges, and I will see you soon.

-Cody Cannon

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90 Day Challenge - Chinese (Current LingQ Level Beg. 2)
LingQ Goals to finish challenge.
Known Words: 3 / 1456
LingQs: 1 / 1183
LingQ’s Learned: 1 / 910
Hours of Listening: 3.7 / 68.3
Words of Reading: 932 / 13,650

90 Day Challenge - Hebrew (Current LingQ Level Beg. 1)
LingQ Goals to finish challenge.
Known Words: 0 / 546
LingQs: 0 / 1183
LingQ’s Learned: 0 / 455
Hours of Listening: 0 /68.3
Words of Reading: 0 / 7,280

This is me beginning my first post on the 90 Day Challenge. I hope we can see some progress together as a group. I will post later my overall personal goals (probably after exams), and how I wish to surpass the ones set up on here by LingQ.
Thanks everybody, I hope you have a great Day, and best of luck!!!

-Cody C.

Your idea is very interesting. It is a pity that this proposal did not exist in February. I did two challenges one for Greek and one for Italian since February to April. I have fulfilled both but the hours of listening was quite high for me. So at the moment I am not going to take another challenge because I want to spend more time listening and watching Italian and Greek tv. Good luck.

Hey, Everybody,
So I know this hasn’t caught on as of yet, but it is still worth a shot. I think if I keep on posting my goals on this challenge, and attempt to keep it fresh on the Forum, then more people will be interested. So here is my update for my challenge. I would love to hear about everybody else’s 90 Day Challenges, where you are and on which challenge you are on.

90 Day Challenge - Chinese (Current LingQ Level: Intermediate 1) [May 1-July 30]
LingQ Goals to finish challenge.
Known Words: 487 / 1456
LingQs: 1563 / 1183
LingQs Learned: 185 / 910
Hours of Listening: 21.6 / 68.3
Words of Reading: 37,582 / 13,650

My personal goals for the 90 Day Chinese Challenge is the following:
Total Known Words: 2,325 / 3,500 (maybe even 4,000)
Words of Reading: 37,582 / 100,000

I decided to mention where I was on the LingQ Level, because I assume the numbers are different when you are in different levels. So as a result this is to help others who are interested in doing 90 Day Challenges in their target language, what they can expect. For me the most difficult thing I think will be on this challenge is to complete the LingQs learned. I like to read a lot of new material, and this may be difficult to complete. So I am trying to review older material that I have already read a few times. I guess we shall see how it pans out.

I probably won’t finish my Hebrew challenge unfortunately, I am trying to do too much with the Hebrew here on LingQ to do so, but that is okay.

I look forward to seeing some more people post. Don’t worry if you are on a different language, or starting the challenge this month, please post and we can all work together, and maybe find resources to help all of us succeed. Also, It was great to see that some more people joined the challenges. There are now a total of 9 Chinese students in that challenge, and one more person in the Hebrew.

I look forward to seeing some progress guys and girls, it definitely feels good to look back and see where you were in the past and how far you came. Best of luck to everybody!

-Cody C.

P.S. I will try to post again with an update on Friday. Please help and contribute to this forum!