90 Day Challenge (hidden) Goals problem

First of all. The 90 (91) Day Hardcore Challenge really pushed my Italian a lot. I’d rather call it super boost. I did it on a 100 LingQs Level and was hence super proud to have reached or by far exceeded all the goals. Most even much much ahead of time. The LingQ ones with a sprint of about 500 LingQs and something like an hour of listening on the last day finished by afternoon (time zone always worked fine).
Now I just received this frustrating feedback message with no hint at all what went wrong. The only thing I did not achieve but was not asked for in the description is a 90 (91) day streak.
I’m always adding the 91 because the challenge went from 1st of April till 30th of June 2020 and also the goals were e.g. 9100 LingQs (100 per day).
So there must be some hidden goals or the system just doesn’t work…
also there is a mismatching LingQ count (still exceeding the lingq goal)
Guess posting this here in the forum makes more sense then commenting the message itself (Anmelden - LingQ)?

was somehow fixed meanwhile. Thanks a lot! :slight_smile:

I’ll let you know here instead on email. The problem was fixed yesterday and you will also get a badge on your profile.

Actually at least a few days before even :slight_smile:

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