I’m starting creating lessons from a website I know, called www.masternewmedia.org. For those interested, the website is available in 4 languages (italian, english, spanish and portuguese), and is basically about how to build a business through the tools the internet offers us.

From time to time, its founder, Robin Good (his nickname), records interviews with remarkable and knowledgeable people from the entrepreneurial internet landscape, most of them are in english (he speaks english well), but it sometimes happens they are in italian.

The interviews are excellent for learners. They are divided in chunks not longer than 2 minutes, and best of all, the site offers transcripts!
I already imported a whole interview, that comes in 9 bite-size mp3s.

Thanks a lot Adelberto, don’t be shy about importing content in the other languages, since you found the site.

Hi, It’s always great to have new content and they have some interesting content! I recommend to ask for permission if you haven’t done this yet because it is under a “non commercial” creative common lizence and LingQ is considered as commercial. I’ve made good experiences by asking politely.

Vera is right. When you approach these people you can tell them that all content at LingQ is available for free download and use. LingQ is a community with both free resources and services and fee-based services. Registration is free and they can check us out.

Good News:

I contacted Robin Good via email, explaini9ng the whole affair, he gave me the permission to import his articles.

Moreover, Robin is the head of probably one of the most visited sites in Italy, so if he happened to give a look at LingQ (as I have suggested him to do), he could write an article about it. Nonetheless, his site covers also the topic of e-learning. That would mean a huge increase in recognition. I hope it’ll happen.

PS: I imported 2 more lessons derived from his articles

Great news! I hope he like it.