8 out of 10 videos I've imported, it didn't import right

Almost every video I import from youtube only the first part shows up here in Lingq. Like sometimes, it takes days to show up, but others never did. Is it just with me this problem?

The last 2 videos I’ve imported: Entrar - LingQ ; Entrar - LingQ


I reported this to our team and will let you know when I hear back from them. Thanks for your patience.

Ok, thanks in advance!!

Zora, look. The English courses are already working fine, but for example, I still can’t find the spanish courses that I imported from youtube. look at this course: Login - LingQ ;

If I look at my imported courses, it says 13 courses but it only shows 12.

Unfortunately we have some issues with Google again and that’s the reason why have problem with importing from YouTube. Our team is looking into it.

Ok, thanks. I’m going to wait for feedback from you, the problem is still in.

@ivargas I posted this on other thread but will post here too, to avoid any confusion.
Unfortunately we have that problem with Google blocking us sometimes, causing audio and other parts not to be imported properly. We hope it’s a temporary again and that it will be back working normally soon.
In the meantime we are still looking for possible solutions but I will let you know when I hear back from our team.