505 Errors

Hello, thought I’d give LingQ a second try with the new layout.

  1. When I tried to upload a picture to my profile, if I utilized the “crop” feature, I received a 505 error. I was able to upload my picture only by selecting the entire photo.

  2. I tried to create my own lesson using the “upload” feature. All went well until I tried to save – again I received a 505 error. I tried a second time with the same result.

I hope these are temporary bugs due to the upgrade. I’ll give it another go in a day or so.

There are a few bugs in the new version. Mike and Mark will look at them when they wake up.

It looks like the picture cropper is broken. We will be fixing it in the next few days. Sorry about that. It is likely that your importing problem is also caused by the image problem. Even though it seems to work, it is causing problems in the background. Try importing a new lesson without an image and see if that works.

Found source of the 500 error – it appears that I get the error only when I attempt to include a URL for audio under the “Advanced” option

(sorry about saying it was a 505 error!)