505 errors on import page while using quicklingq

When I’m importing materials, if I use quick lingq, I get 505 errors on the import page. I’ve got everything set up, uploading, etc…then 505 error. This happens consistently.

One solution would be ‘don’t use quick lingq while importing’ but that would waste dozens of hours of my time. (Imported lessons 1156)

Just checked and it’s also while using the default lesson page and making lingqs and marking words as known/ignored.

Also, sometimes I’ve noticed that the lesson will be imported successfully and when that occurs I’ll get internal errors on the lesson page.

Can you email us a link to one of these lessons that is resulting in errors? Also, has anyone else been experiencing the same problem?

I have occasionally had this problem when adding vocabulary, but only sporadically.

Alex, it’s when I import private materials.

For me it happens every time.

Which browser are you using when accessing the site?

Me: Firefox 11.

I’m not overly concerned with this Alex. It’s just that I think it’s something which you guys need to be aware of. It’s best to understand as much about how the site is working as possible.

I just tried importing lessons in Firefox 11 and didn’t seem to have the same issue. Do you get these errors on older lessons that you imported, or only on recently imported ones?
I’m not sure I entirely understand what you’re doing to come across this issue. If you could make a screencast (I know you had some trouble before with this) it would be most helpful. In particular, I’m not quite sure what you mean when you say you get an error on the import page when using Quick LingQ – since the two are on different pages (the import page and the lesson page), could you clarify what it is that you mean?

Get a lesson to import (a good size one - 5000 words or so) with audio.
Open another lesson while you’re letting that upload.
Make lingqs, make words known and ignore others. Basically, just work though a less as is normal.
At the point where the less importing is finishing, you’ll get a 505 error at that point on the import page. Occasionally it’s an internal error on the lesson page.

Give it a go and see how it works.

I’m one of the most active users Alex. You’d think I’d have figured out that quicklingqing wasn’t done on the import page. :stuck_out_tongue: haha I’m talking about working on a lesson while importing.

Since this is a pretty rare occurrence, I don’t think we’ll be spending time fixing it right now. My recommendation is to either try using two browsers, one to upload and one to save LingQs, and if this doesn’t work then try uploading at a time when you’re doing something else or right before you go to sleep, for example.

I’ll try the two browsers idea.

The option of doing it while doing something else doesn’t really solve anything since I do so much of it.

Thanks anyway Alex.