502 connect errors from some computers only

I get the CloudFlare error page from some desktop computers while others on the same internet link work, as does my phone’s browser. I’m forced to write this on my phone now because of this, e.g. This has been happening since some time last week I think.

I have request and response headers that I can provide, though I don’t know if I should show the cookies on a public forum.

Odd… The page says 502, but the browser debugger says the server returned 503. Doesn’t work just the same.

My phone’s app won’t let me play sound bytes. I can play the lessons, but I can’t listen to the voice when I click on a LingQ.

Hi khardy,
Can you please send us screenshot of that on support(at)lingq.com ? Thanks!

Are you using iOS or Android app?


It looks like this is only a problem when trying to load “lingq.com”. It works if instead I load “www.lingq.com”. Crisis over for now, but could you please make the shorter URL work, also?


Hmm, TTS works fine for me. Do you still have this issue? Have you tried to reinstall the app and check if that helps?