500 Server Error

Is anyone else having this problem? I see it for every lesson I try to do.

Ya I get that to . I don’t know if it is because of maintenance for today.

I do not have the problem. Which browser are you using? Can you be more specific, Is it when you open a lesson from the Library, or when you open a lesson in your My Lessons area? Perplexed.

Yes we made a major upgrade to the innards of the database and their could be a few issues. So please report any problems. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Aha, I see you are both studying Japanese. It is a Japanese issue. I checked Chinese, Korean and Russian no problem so there could some issue with Japanese script. We will get on it. Sorry.

Here’s what I saw earlier today:

Audio in Portuguese got stuck. Stop-Start audio.
No lings in Portuguese temporarily
Words that I listed as known came up as blue again (in Portuguese),
Google translate put my Portuguese word into Spanish, when I changed it to Portuguese, it came up Latvian (I am not making this up!) Later this was corrected. I don’t know if it was LingQ or Google!

Most of these things ( but not the blue lingQ problem) seem to have been corrected.

Japanese Lessons are working for me now.

I will check your list Mfam. Sorry about all of this but it is going to make things better.

I went into Portuguese and was unable to recreate these issues.

There is an issue with the sound bar in some lessons. It is on our list.

I have had issues just getting to the login page. I get a error page that says the server is busy. It happened at noon today and then again around 6:30p.m. It has happened several days this week. I notice it most when I come home from work about 6:30p.m.

Ahhhh, the Lessons seem to be working again. Thanks for the quick response.

I am having no issues and the site is fast. Is anyone else having issues like aprendo?

yes I have" error" with "check spelling "but for the moment only in ingles. Spanish works fin now.

Noted and will add to the list.

I cannot add a picture for the new collection I’m creating. When I add the jpg file, I don’t see anything and if I click “Done”, it says “500 Server Error”. Also, it is taking ages to share a lesson in the library. I am using Firefox.

I noticed that when I try to upload a picture or re-upload the audio it says ‘waiting for m.lingq.com’ but nothing happens. I’m sure, though, the world can cope without our pictures and/or audio for the time being!

The world cannot cope without your audio.

There are some issues related to sharing content and I can assure you that we will fix them as soon as we can.

All in best working order now! I’ve just now uploaded the missing bits. Thank you!