500 - Server error

I can’t enter my courses now. It said: ‘500 - Server error’.

Is it down for everyone or just me?

Oops… It’s back to normal right now. Anyone has tche idea about the code:500?

I’m getting a 500 when I try to send a conversation report. I also got one yesterday when I tried to upload some content to the library.

It’s a novelty for me, I think I usually get a 404. Whatever that is :slight_smile:

There were some issues with our server which we have resolved. Everything should be working normally again. Let us know if they aren’t! :slight_smile:

Looks like it’s happening again. I’m getting a 500 server error when I try to upload content. It just started happening. I’ve checked my audio file upload and it is the correct size. Hmm…

And again today as I was importing text and sound.

Same problem for me at this very instant while trying to post a new content.

I tried again…the same thing 500 server error.

Vera (The master of disaster at importing content) mentioned to me that sometimes the file name of your audio is too long. I checked and sure enough it was pretty long - I shortened it and that nasty error vanished into the abyss. Thank you VERA!

– It just occurred to me that the American idiom “master of disaster” might be misunderstood. Where I come from, we use “master of disaster” as a funny compliment, usually said in a ridiculous voice. It means that you are amazing at something. Don’t misunderstand me! Shame on me and my American English!

Thanks, Vera and Jonathan. That is the cause of the problem. We were just about to upload an update limiting the length of the title to 100 characters. You will no longer be able to input titles longer than 100 characters and therefore will not get that error.

Jonathan, what an interesting idiom! It seems, we - Russians - say “Wow! You are a monster!” (ну ты и монстр!) in such situations gg

The new title length restriction is now in place so this error should no longer occur. Let me know if it still does.

Hi Jonathan, no problem. I understand “master of disaster” in the correct way. So you can see, that I improve. I’m able to understand such things :slight_smile:

I can’t open the main tutor page, as I receive 500-Server Error. But all other pages in the tutor section work well. I want to send conversation report. Can I do this from other page?

Hi Rasana,

You can either click the “Join Now” button beside that conversation or the “Report Due” link but both are on the Tutor home page. We will try to figure out what is happening with your account. Sorry.

Also I receive 500-Error trying to open Discussion pages at the Lesson section (both English and Japanese).

Now it works fine!

Yes, Mike fixed that problem last night. Thanks for letting us know.