500 server error while uploading audio

I cannot upload an audio file. I receive http 500 server error.

Does anybody else has this error? I cannot upload content!

I have this problem too. I tried to upload audio five hours ago and just now the same error occurred. I can’t upload a picture either.

Danke Reinhard, nun weiß ich, dass es nicht an mir liegt.

Thanks Reinhard, for letting me know. So it is not a special problem of me.

For the time being I have uploaded the audio of “Mir oder mich” to my Vox blog and inserted the external Audio URL so that clicking the Download/Herunterladen button takes you to the audio file at Vox. I will change this as soon as it is possible again.

Hi Vera and Reinhard,

Our server had maxed out on media files! Sorry about that. We have now added more space and you should be able to import files once again. This is also why emails for forum alerts, LingQs of the Day etc were not being sent, pictures couldn’t be uploaded etc… Everything should be back to normal now.

Hi Mark,

I have this error again!

I uploaded 3 items without problem. Then I could not add the audio to the next item. I tried it with the same file I added some minutes ago so it is not a problem of the file.

And again we do not receive forum alerts…

Me too, when I upload an audio file, I also receive http 500 server error.

me too! Since yesterday and today too can’t upload audio, same 500-server error.

Same here…

The same for me…

Mark! Where are you? Problems with the server?

Sorry, that was me from the account of my partner :slight_smile:

I suppose LingQ team is on holidays. It is summer and week-end :wink: I would love to have a picnic (although I’ve just returned from one)

The one time Mark goes away with his family for a few days to a lake without internet access and all these problems start to happen. Sorry!

Next time when Mark will go away for a few days, he should forget his jacket in LingQ office. LingQ will think that Mark is here and will behave well :)))

Not a bad idea Rasana.

I just uploaded audio no problem, but the blog feed seems to up and down

Audio upload works fine now.