500 - Server error when importing contents in the italian section

500 - Server error when importing contents in the italian section.

URL where I saw this error is the following.

I use Firefox version 3.0.13.

Thanks in advance.

Same here, I was trying to import a German frequency list - using Firefox (3.0.7).

Those are strange errors. Importing seems fine for most people. I can’t test on Firefox 3 however, since I’m on 3.5. It looks like it’s the same problem for both of you. You may want to try upgrading to FF 3.5 and see if that resolves the problem. Otherwise, we will try and figure out what that is.

I just upgraded to FF3.5 but I saw the same error.
Thanks in advance.

That’s good. It rules out the browser! :slight_smile:

I was able to import a word list in German yesterday, but later not able to save changes (Firefox 3.0). A moment ago I succeeded in importing Italian content (Firefox 3.5) but in German importing is still not possible. I’ll keep trying :slight_smile:

Still trying out things. I deleted the previously imported word liist (which was in running text format: AB ABEND ABENDS ABENTEUER ABER…)
When I tried to replace the running text by the list format
the same 500 server error occurred. Now I have reimported the list as running text and it worked alright. So maybe the number of lines was a problem. The number of words or characters is below the limits.

There is definitely something strange or out of the ordinary that you and Shigeharu are doing. It is not a widespread problem. That may be it. We will try to figure out what it is.

Hello, I’m very happy with the new upgrade but, I have a similar problem in import pages.
Import lesson page shows yellow triangle sign with “!”, saying access was rejected due to some errors in the web page.

I’m using IE7 and only learning English.

I can work with the “ title” and “ description” section, but cannot work with the “text” space. It seems this part is not fully read in my computer. The warning sign is shown down below the browser. Except for the “text” frame, others seem to be OK.

It’s difficult to explain my problem correctly, so I will post the same thing in the Japanese forum, too.

Hi tsukotsuko,

There is a problem importing in IE. We hope to fix it this week. In the meantime, please try Firefox if you want to import. Sorry about that.

Thanks, mark.
As I now understand that you already know the problem, it’s fine.
I’ll consider using Firefox, in case I’m in a hurry.