5.0 thoughts, questions struggles

I find a number of things interesting in the 5.0 update and quite a few things that seem to still be half-baked.

I want to be able to listen to the tts voice read out my text with the words/sentence it is reading highlighted, and I would like to be able to easily pause it and lingq a new word. as it is the karaoke mode doesn’t work for that, the page mode doesn’t and the sentence mode doesn’t… and the sentence mode now has a ten to twelve second delay before the tts starts playing (which it didn’t have in version 4)
I stopped using lingq daily some time back because my Kindle will do text to speech and highlight the sentence and turning the page, so all I had to do was hold the device and follow along. I put up without the easy definition lookup because of the superior reading experience and was thinking that with dark-mode the 5.0 version would really improve the reading experience… and it has, just not enough to best the Kindle.

So there are some good ideas for instance if you import some text and then tap the headphone icon in the corner it will ask “Generate lesson audio?”… which seems like a solid idea, but then if I go to the karaoke mode that auto-generated audio doesn’t sync with the text. I understand not syncing with imported audio, but audio that is computer generated? Seems like an obvious thing to be able to do… What’s more, that generated audio seems to take a long time to generate and the first few times I tried it I was finished with my reading before it had generated the audio.

A bug/problem it seems to have is not respecting your preferences on “dictionary language”, I don’t know if that’s something stored server side, but every time I was on my ipad and I tried to make the app give me chinese definitions instead of english it would switch back after some time even when I went to settings and deleted English as an option and set the app language to Chinese… I thought of changing the ipad language to chinese, but I didn’t really think that would work.

I haven’t had issues with the app forgetting which dictionary language I want to use but I’ve been sticking to English for a while now too. It might be that using different devices confuses it somehow and you need to adjust it in each device. I don’t know.

I had no idea the Kindle app could highlight text while the TTS was working. Or is it the Kindle device? How are you doing that? I’ll probably stick with LingQ regardless because the Kindle needs you to long press a word to look it up and on an iPhone or iPad it can’t lookup conjugated words either which is frustrating.

yeah, on the kindle device. It’s somewhat odd because I’m not sure Amazon offers that functionality in all countries… but on my kindle it will read out books purchased from Amazon.
the tts in iOS is also half-baked… I tried using it with the kindle app, it didn’t work very well.