5.0 bugs

After moving to edit lesson from the reader and having completed the edit, there is no save lesson button. Choices are regenerate lesson and view lesson. Back button returns to unedited version. View lesson saves the edit and returns to lesson but this is not clear prior to clicking. Almost every other software I have ever used has a save button or save and return button. Therefore I would label this as a bug, or maybe better to say at the very least a UX annoyance.

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My idea is that they want to do like wordpress. It saves all the time you make a change. If you see on the top, if you make a change and you click anywhere, you’ll see the button changing to saving mode. I guess. I agree with you that for a normal user is not clear.

Actually, when you make change in a lesson, at the top right, next to the View Lesson button the “Saving…” button will appear. It shows up for a few seconds, until the changes are saved and then disappear. You probably just missed it.

Hi Zoran, I saw the “saved” button, but the “saving” button only showed for a blink of an eye, so fast that I was unable to read it as it flashed by, even though I was trying to watch for it. I understand now that the saving is done automatically. Thanks,

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Wish the “coins earned today” notification would disappear that quickly :wink: