404 on lingq.com (no www)?

Not sure if it’s just me, but the LingQ site seems to be giving a 404 if I access it with just lingq.com, without the www at the start. Seems to be fine with the www. I only noticed it because the LingQs of the day emails seem to omit the www in the links. (But maybe it’s just me :slight_smile:

I tried it too, and did the samething. A wee bit annoying, though, but the website is still accessible. Instead of just putting Lingq.com, you’ve got to put www.Lingq.com.

I can confirm the issue.

This was also happening to me temporarily but seems to be resolved now. Can you please confirm that it is working now. It appears to have been some kind of DNS glitch. We are looking into it.

I tried it a few minutes ago and it worked. Strangely, when I tried it once again while writing this message, I continued getting “Error 404”.

Seems to work if I just type lingq.com (and use shift-refresh), I get redirected to www. But it doesn’t seem to be working with the LingQs of the day URLs, eg: Login - LingQ Weird thing is that when I use Safari, it did seem to redirect correctly (added the www to the URL), so maybe Chrome is just taking a while to flush its DNS cache.

Yes, I see there are still issues. Thanks for reporting these. We are looking into this.

Please check again. We have made some further updates to the DNS and think the issues should be resolved now.

Yup, working now for me :slight_smile: Awesome, thank you!