4 collections, 45 English lessons

These are the details of the material for English learners that I’ve added to the LingQ library this months.

"Ah, that’s interesting "
19 short texts for Beginner 1 about all sorts of things. I have added word-for-word translation into German plus some lesson notes.

“Is there a doctor in the house?”
12 lessons for Beginner 2 - normal and informal texts of a not very serious medical order. "Is there a doctor in the house?" - LingQ Language Library

“And now…, silly spellings and pertinent pronunciation”
8 lessons for Beginner 2 and Intermediate with lots of examples of peculiar spellings and heaps of phrasal verbs!

“Letters from my cottage in England”
6 new lessons added to this collection for Intermediate I and II and anyone else who enjoys reading other people’s mad correspondence.

I hope all these texts will help you in your study of this wonderful language!

Wow, Sanne, I wish I were learning English. Thank you.