4 coin review reward all stuck on already known words

when sorting on importance to earn as many coins as possible, all of my 4 coin rewards are/the highest level of importance is assigned to already known words. which you can’t earn coins from anymore, right?
so what is the point? what’s going on with that?
is there a bug or do I need to push through to get them to be reassigned to 1-4 level words?

If words are on status 4 (known) that means that you did already got coins for those words. You can earn coins twice for the same word.

yes but i’m not getting any more coins no matter how many times I review the words already on status 4. despite them bein indicated as giving 4 coins when reviewed

this is the view I get when sorting by importance (coins)

You don’t get coins by reviewing LingQs. Check this help page for details on how you can earn coins: https://lingq.wixanswers.com/kb/en/article/how-to-earn-coins-and-what-to-do-with-them-6721550

That 4 coins symbol next to the words in your vocabulary just indicates words status by importance (words that are worth 4 coins are considered most important in a language).