32 languages of Europe - newscasters speaking

32 languages of Europe - newscasters speaking
Just for fun.
How many of them, can you understand in detail?
(So well that you could translate it to a friend, after one listening)

I got 5 of 32.
Can you beat me? Yes you can! (:

(And I have no idea why the first One is dressed like that…sorry about that).

I’m just a beginner.
I understood 3 very well and barely understood other 1. So my results are:
I got 3 of 32.

3 out of 32 (German, French, English)

The slavic languages sounded reaaaally similar to me, btw.

For me too kkkk Btw, I am to say that german, dutch and danish sound a little bit similar to me too, particularly german and dutch. Can I ask for you who is a native, are they really similar? Can you understand dutch or danish? (for exemple I as a brazilian could understand spanish very well)

A Dutch can communicate with a German to a very limited extent. The two languages are not really as similar as Portuguese and Spanish. Danish is a different beast altogether. Not even the Swedish and the Norwegians can understand the Danish. :slight_smile:

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I can understand some of the words, but I almost never understand complete sentences.

PS: Dutch is much easier to understand than Danish.

Danish yes, with some experience. You have to tune in your ears and learn some new words. Norwegian is of course way easier. Both are scandinavian languages, Dutch is not. I cant understand Dutch, without working on it. For me it was (Swedish, Norwegian, Danish, Finnish and English).

So you can understand Dutch? Hm, interesting.

I think the similarity between Dutch and German is more comparable to the one between Portuguese and Italian, for example. Many words are similar, but communication is very difficult, if at all possible. I speak English and German (badly), but still couldn’t understand Dutch before i started learning it.

sorry, cant = can’t. So maybe not that interesting (:

Ah, ok. :slight_smile:

I understood the English, German, Swedish and Norwegian broadcasters, and also the Danish to an extent.
So that’s 5.

I could understand to varying degrees: English, German, Portuguese, Russian, Italian, French, Dutch and Spanish. I could probably translate them all except German and Russian, although not on first listen. I have bad memory.

tre intere, SED, multaj eŭropaj lingvoj mankas tie http://www.newslab.cz/en/european-languages/ kaj tie ĉi Lingvoj de Eŭropo - Vikipedio AND also here in ENGLISH http://www.ethnologue.com/statistics/by-area by area: Europe 285 languages; BUT by another sources IN ENGLISH Languages of Europe - Wikipedia; laŭ alia fonto EN ESPERANTO http://www.argador.info/skope/tero/Regioi/Europa/kultur/scpraaxoi/index.html

I could understand: 1. ENG, 2. GER, 3. ITA, 4. FRA, 5. NL, 6. SPA, 7. NOR, (= 7 languages). And I could understand partly: 1. PORT, 2. SWE, 3. DK (= 3 languages).

% English 100, German 100, Portuguese 100, Ukrainian 70, Russian 100, Italian, 80, French 80, Belorussian 90, Spanish 100 :slight_smile:

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