30-Day interval challenges

Okay, let’s also consider 30-Day interval Challenges for those who like to do several languages :slight_smile:

(See Suggestion: 6-Week Challenge - Language Forum @ LingQ re 45-Day challenge discussion)

30 days can provide even more possibilities. For starters, one scenario is to do 3 languages consecutively over a 90 day time frame, then rinse and repeat 3 more times. Over a year, this works out to 120 days - 4 intervals - in all 3 languages. Imagine that sort of interval training!!

One year scenario in 3 languages: Japanese, Chinese, French - repeat Jap, Chin, Fr – repeat Jap, Chin, Fr – and repeat Jap, Chin, Fr. [3 languages x 4 cycles x 30 days =360 days; equates to 4 interval training periods each per language per year]

Different one year scenario in FOUR languages: Russian, Jap, Chin, French – repeat Russian, Jap, Chin, French – then Russian, Jap, Chin, French. [4 languages x 3 cycles x 30 days =360 days; equates to 3 interval training periods each per language per year] Yeh! :slight_smile:

It’s not do-able yet for LingQ; so I can be a guinea pig and use a simple formula: daily targets x amount of days desired = fun, fun, fun! ^^

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After sleeping on it, I’ve made my decision! :slight_smile:

When I finish up my current challenges, I will go ahead on my own & experiment with studying 30 consecutive days each of Russian, Japanese, French and Chinese - as interval training.

Also, starting Russian from scratch at the age of 53 (birthday coming up) sounds good! :slight_smile:

In the meantime, I will teach myself Russian script whilst completing my Chinese & French audio targets.

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Thanks for the idea! Yesterday I started 30 days of Spanish only, lots of Spanish!! Actually, not quite. I am going to look at two short Chinese lessons each day which I have imported into LingQ. I am trying to wean myself off being dependent on Pinyin for reading.

I spend a wonderful 45 minutes yesterday afternoon talking alternately Spanish and English with a delightful youngish Spanish guy from Madrid. He contacted me from another language learning site. We talked about books we had read and just got to know one another. Excellent!

Julie, I admire you. You have lots of difficulties to deal with other than increasing age. All the best!

Thanks so much, Rae, you’re always very kind:) You’re one of the ones I especially look up to on here.

So, we have our first 30-day “guinea pig”! ^^

You are amazing. One good thing: Russian script is easy peasy!

I have been concentrating on Spanish since Monday and might soon even do a bit of LingQing and keeping statistics afloat etc. Alongside Spanish I am continuing reading a bit of French each and every day, simply because I am reading a quite interesting novel at the moment. After Spanish I shall concentrate on Swedish. As I am Skype-less at the moment, speaking is even further on the back-burner than usual.

“Easy peasy” eh? We shall see! :)~

Pardon me if I’m being rude or something, I’m just curious to know what is that “30-Day challenge”? I saw a lot of people talking about it. I’m just curious.

Well…in a nutshell, it all started with the other thread: Suggestion: 6-Week Challenge - Language Forum @ LingQ where I discussed the idea of maybe having an extra challenge option in our progress snapshots.

Steve pointed out that it would be great “interval training”, which I especially liked. Then Alex’s casual mention of 30 or 60 day challenges got me thinking 30 days were even better! None is do-able yet for LingQ Support for the time being, but there’s nothing stopping people from doing their own thing in the meantime.

I mention above that we can just multiply our daily targets under progress snapshot by whatever days we want - if we still want to follow the lingQ challenge pattern. eg. daily targets x 30 days. (Hint: put targets & commencement date on our profile page so we remember!)

I’ve decided to go ahead soon and attempt to do 30 days each of Russian, Jap, Chin & French consecutively as per the one-year scenario of interval training I discussed at top of this thread. Or I might just end up doing 30 days on, 30 days off alternating 2 languages, who knows. Either way, I’m excited:)

Chapeau Julz, what a great project! 30 days interval challenge or 60 days total immersion language learning…this is a very strong motiviation to start immediatly my own projected challenge.
As I read an article about the powerful effects of reading in the target language, I want to try to read from now on two Italian books a month until the end of the year. Now I hope that it will work to create Lingqs, independent of already imported texts and do some good vocabulary training. :slight_smile:


Reading is very powerful, and my favourite learning activity when I have dedicated time. Listening is what I do most of, but that is only while doing something else at the same time, running, washing the dishes, driving, shopping etc. LingQing just makes the reading much more powerful. I usually LingQ on the computer and then read on my iPad, but sometimes do it all on the iPad.

…only some pages left of my first Italian book of this month, my personal challenge, and I am really excited that is has been working so succesfully. In general I’m not that kind of reader who needs to know the meaning of every word, but certainly it depends on the subject of the text.
I created a lot of links, get them on my mobile phone and the best of all…from a certain point of the lecture, there seems to be reached the amount of vocabulary the author uses to work with in his work. So from this time you can relax, repeat some words if you want to and enjoy the rest of the book! :slight_smile: