3 Sentences, 5 Minutes

Many who are learning a language want to have conversations with native speakers, but find it difficult to find someone.

From the perspective of a native English speaker, I can say that the demand can be overwhelming, and each new person I take on can consume a lot of my time. From the perspective of wanting to find Koreans to speak with, I don’t want to take a lot of their time, but I do want to start speaking so I can gain confidence.

So here is an idea.

Find a friendly native speaker and ask if they are willing to speak to you daily for 5 minutes. You will prepare 3 sentences ahead of time and practice them. Then in your 5 minutes with the person, say the sentences.

3 sentences, 5 minutes. It isn’t too much of a burden on the native speaker. The beginner learner can take time to prepare ahead of time. Not so scary because it won’t last long. However, time is precious, so you will want to work hard to be ready.

I don’t know if this will work, but I am going to try it out as my New Year’s new habit.


I found good Chinese friends who’re helping me with Chinese here: www.italki.com
Thank you for your advice. Wanna try this too.

I like the idea.