2nd time that i've downgraded and been billed afterwards - literally not allowing me to downgrade

i suppose i should’ve double-checked when i attempted to downgrade nearly 2 weeks ago but when i finalized the process, clicked the downgrade button and detailed a report on my experiences with lingq as well as the reason for my (temporary) departure, it didn’t downgrade! i’ve tried a second time again and, would you have it, i check after completing the downgrading process and it says that i’m still a premium member. i’ve been charged $10 that i don’t have as of october 4th for a membership i cancelled two or perhaps even 3 weeks prior. can this be reversed and can an admin kindly manually downgrade my account? i do plan on using lingq again, but only when i have more time (aka, not during the school semester).

thank you!

Hi thamn,
No problem, I provided you a refund on your latest payment and cancelled your subscription manually.
Let me know if there is anything else I can assist you with.

don’t know why i didn’t thank you for this - perhaps i was frustrated. but, 2 months later: thank you very much! i’ve resubscribed again.