25,000 coins in one day?

I just started a 90 day challenge, and noticed that on the second day of the challenge, a participant ’earned’ 25,000 coins, and of course took a big lead over us slow pokes.

Is it even possible to earn 25,000 coins in one day? By speed reading, perhaps? Flipping through pages as fast as possible?

This doesn’t seem like a very effective way to acquire a language…

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Yes, I agree. Every challenge group has a cheater or two, who acquires coins at some unnatural robot-like rate. You’re not alone in noticing this.


My highest number of coins in a single month was 70,000 approx. At that time I had recently started LIngQ and was challenging myself to learn as much as possible in 3 languages simultaneously in a 90-day marathon (“insane.”) I already had plenty of vocabulary learned elsewhere, so I went ahead and created lessons to auto-LingQ long lists of known vocabulary (lists of most frequent words, etc.) and marked known words as known, one by one. Then I did the same for English, to build cred in case I wanted to help others with English. So that racked up a lot of points really fast. I discovered serendipitously that I was at the top of a few challenges for a day or two, but others passed me up quickly and left me flabbergasted. :slight_smile:

The best learners probably won’t have higher numbers than others, but progress in actual language learning is where the benefit lies. :slight_smile:

Good luck!

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