2500 points, who wants to have it?

I have 2500 points and it might probably expire soon. I want to donate it to someone. who wants it? And how do I do it?

why don’t you sign up for 5 german conversations?

I don’t want to sign up for any conversation.

Its a shame that you don’t want the points then, you could submit a piece of writing to a tutor

I agree with Harry, submitting writing - if you have the time to do any - would be putting your points to a good use.

Should someone come forward to ask for the points, you may have to ask Mark very nicely whether he can arrange a transfer.

If you let them simply expire, they also go to a good cause: they are put into a ‘pot’ to be distributed to the LingQ contributor members. As I am not a contributor, I feel free to urge you to do that.

Yes, a distribution would be the fairest solution. But the decision is up to you.

@lcominghome - Transferring points is not something we do. However, as others have suggested, the best way to distribute your points is by letting them expire since expired points are payed out to our content providers.

I would be glad to have your points and I would use them.

Of course, it is outrageous that I would even ask…but then I am a risk taker.

I’ve been thinking about something, Mark. If someone cannot use up his points, can he book a conversation with his points for someone else? Like as if I’d book a French conversation, but you would participate instead of me? What do you think?

I do not think we would do that Vincent. If you sign up for a course at a school and decide not to go, can you have someone else go in your place?

I think that 3 months is ample time to use the points. The present system works fine.

We are hoping that we can make paying membership more and more attractive, with such things as new features and new applications, like the latest iPod app. This will increase our pool of unused points to distribute to the deserving people who contribute the content that we all use.

True enough. It was just an idea.

It happened to me before, when my friend joined lingq, I offered him a conversation on my behalf (to get him more into lingq, the advantages and the system), but he declined my offer. I do think it would be a good initiative to get new people to use lingq. What do you think?

Vincent, I believe that people who think about paying for conversations don’t mind to invest some dollars to try it out (if they are really interested). And for people who are not willing or not able to pay for conversations a free conversations don’t change anything. I think, your friend was simply not interested enough.

When I had my first conversation with a tutor at LingQ it didn’t think a lot that it cost money. I was keen to practize. There was simply the question how much lessons I could afford and I thought 1 conversation a week was possible. This was enough for me at the beginning :wink:

Ok, then I will let the point expire so that everyone who contributed to my German can use it. Alleray,VeraI, Annette, Sonja & Evgueny thank you very much. I appreciate all your help.

what are the purpose of those points…? can someone tell me because i really dont know! im a new member here

what are the purpose of those points…? can someone tell me because i really dont know! im a new member here

The points are used to pay for tutor services, online lessons and writing correction.

@eljoeyboy- Take a look at the Points Help page for more info, Points FAQ