25 лет со дня путча ГКЧП в Москве (About the Putch GKChP in Moscow on 19 August 1991)

25 years ago there was an attempt of the Communist Putch in Moscow.

I tell about the situation in the USSR at that time and analyze why the Putch happened and why it failured.
It is a Russian podcast, maybe later someone of my friends will translate this article in some other languages.

Here is the link to this article “25 лет со дня путча ГКЧП в Москве”:

It’s a good addition to my article about the putch GKChP - this information about the reaction to the putch in different republuics of the USSR - Реакция на путч ГКЧП в 1991 году в различных республиках Советского Союза:

Here is the English version of my article ‘25 years on from the “August Coup” in Moscow’, made by Richard Protorich: