24h language session -part 2 (Sunday November 30th) VOTE HERE TILL NOV 10th

24h language sesson -part 2

(details will follow)

On Nov 30th cossiemickey and I will repeat the exercise with another L. We want more people to join and make it more intense and well documented. Post here which language you would like to do, but please make sure that you are reasonably serious about participating. If we have a bunch of people scewing the vote, who then cop out, that’s beside the point.
The L doesn’t have to be available on LingQ.

Voting open:)


Good one, but doesn’t really stand the ‘closely related’ test for both of us:)

Korean (on LingQ, unrelated to what cossie, I and many people know, nice challenge and Steve and Alex being on Korean might help with the support side of things)

Which doesn’t necessarily matters. Lets see what everybody thinks and I will create a strawpoll

For me any language that has a script that is learnable in a few hours and or has enough free online materials is ok. The LingQ languages are great, but if a lot of people want to do Indonesian then I’m up for that too


Modern Greek and Amharic. Seriously!

Is there enough different varied Amharic content online for this? I really like the idea, but higher volume of available content is a big plus, so everyone can find enough varied stuff that works for them.

There is stuff. The problem is being able to understand it. Words change at the beginning, so looking up a dictionary is difficult. Google translate is not available at present, though I have heard that it is planned. Deutsche Welle has content. There are online newspapers. Written text with sound is very scarce,unfortunately.

Sounds like a good language for this kind of event…

I think that I completely misunderstood this. I thought we were talking about languages we are learning, not about a 24 hour marathon speaking session!!