24 hour language session - part 1 Japanese

I am a little late with posting this here on LingQ.

A little while ago I stumbled upon a Facebook group called “24H language challenge”.

I found that most people in this group don’t do a 24h straight session, but study a new language for 24 hours divided over 1 week or 1 weekend. They were all doing their own solo-sessions and I thought to myself; I can do this better.

So I decided; I will do a language for 24hours straight and if I like it I will do one every month. Amassing knowledge has never been bad for anyone. Why go on such a journey all by yourself? Why not find some like-minded people and do this together and make it a social - 24 hours non stop - fun, yet ridiculous - experiment?

TommyTrueTravel will also join me on this quest and I hope you all want to join us too?

The idea is to start from scratch, but if you are already learning Japanese you are more than welcome to join,learn and or guide us.

To not waste a lot of time on the Hiragana, we decided that we will study some of that beforehand by ourselves. There is no best method for this 24hour session, so pick your own method or material and share it and discuss the options.

The event is open, so ask your friends, your mother, your teacher or your dog to join!

Date: Monday 27 october 0:00 - 23:59
Location: around the world
Description: spend every single minute of free time on this day into learning Japanese and share your experiences with fellow linguaphiles


Good luck with your project, hope you’ll get the results you’re expecting!!

But I still believe that our mind has a time limit of attentiveness for its full potential and besides that, science already has shown that our memory is mostly built and strengthened when we’re sleeping and resting. So, both are important, work and rest.

In my humble opinion, I think is better the first approach you said, with 24h divided in small sections throughout a week or more.

But anyway, good luck for all of you :slight_smile:

My Goals: be able to slowly read most of the hiragana, be able to spout the basic phrases and nicities, work through Greetings and Goodbyes and Eating Out, get a very basic feel and impression of Japanese


Spreading things out is definitely better, but we’re just trying to have a ridiculous extreme fun marathon day. I know not much will go to the long term memory. The goal is to have fun and do the ‘first 20 hours’ thing to get an impression of the L.


Well, at the end, that’s what really matters. To have fun :slight_smile:

Exactly. This month we start off with Japanese and next month we might do another language. I have no intentions of becoming good in Japanese anyway! :slight_smile:

“…but we’re just trying to have a ridiculous extreme fun marathon day”

Exactly!:slight_smile: Sounds like a lot of fun. To heck with sensible rules - it’s YOUR challenge, so you can do whatever you like - go for it guys!! :slight_smile:

Maybe you could post a one-or-two line update every 3-4 hours (or more)? What are your plans about keeping us posted?

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I recommend Login - LingQ too. These Japanese Newbie lessons are written in hiragana & katakana only, & come with lesson notes (on the corresponding lesson forum ). The same versions are also available with Kanji elsewhere.

The word splitter isn’t the greatest for Japanese, but you can get an idea of “proper” splitting when you look at the corresponding notes. eg. sometimes you get something incorrectly displayed, like た な か , which should be たなか instead. (Tanaka). In those cases, just ‘ignore’ the words with poor splitting, and drag your mouse over to make a new, correct lingQ.

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Crazy…I like it. Let me know if you do one for Korean. good luck

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If this feels good I/we will definitely do a Korean one aswell!

I will post updates probably every 2 hours. I might also do a Vlog towards the end and try to say something, but my guess is I will not be able to make any sense in Japanese after 20hours only.

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Sounds like fun ! Do post updates, though !

5 hours left to join, think of a strategy, anger the Lord :stuck_out_tongue: by getting some of Monday’s work out of the way during the rest of this Sunday and mentally prepare and cram hiragana. Safe face and avoid harakiri by putting every free minute into Jap! (central European time in mind)

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what about an 18 hour language-challenge? It´s basically the same thing but it doesn´t mess up your sleeping pattern.

The idea started of as a consecutive 24hour session, but it is indeed not possible for most(if not all)people to do it 24h straight, so we decided to go for; as much time as you can in a 24 hour period. Some people have to work, take care of their kids etc. And thats ok.

Just spend every single minute of free time on learning Japanese. Dont do Japanese for 2 hours and go watch tv. No; japanese japanese japanese every single minute of free time. When you go to the toilet look at some Japanese on your phone, when you need to go to work; listen to Japanese, when you have a break at work; study Japanese.

Even though I would like to go for it a full 24 hours, it is really interfering with your daily life as you mentioned, but it is not that hard to wake up an hour earlier or listen to Japanese while cooking.

Problem is that I was too late with posting this, but I will post a link to a poll for next months language and we can vote for the language of the month and play around with it a little bit. 24 hours straight is near impossible, but we can all do our best :slight_smile:

Remember; scientifically this is ridiculous, but it is only for our joy, so screw that!

Be sure to send out a message in real time at the commencement of your challenges guys!:slight_smile:

Yep. Do as much as you can, without sacrificing nutrition, hygiene, beauty sleep, 5 daily prayers to any spaghetti monster and work that can’t be moved to another day.

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This is an exciting thing to witness, guys. Best of luck to you :slight_smile: I’m rooting for you!!

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Due to some reasons I commence now. 9 AM , lets see how this goes!


I started at 7am. In the afternoon I’ll be busy for about 4 hours. I’m looking at Eating Out, Greetings, the series Julie recommended above and japanesepod101 videos.