2020 Learning Japanese from scratch on Lingq

Hi everyone,
I’d like to hear from you what you think to be a good plan to learn Japanese from scratch on Lingq. Which courses and lessons to start first and progress. I would like to hear from people who did it and made it to a level B2 at least and how long it took on each step. I am only interested in listening comprehension, speaking and being able to read and recognize the characters (no writing).


Eric Robertz…one of the LingQ employees is learning Japanese. You can find him on a couple of the pinned posts at top. Anyway…he’s not at B2 yet I don’t believe, but he has posted a handful of videos on how he’s studying Japanese here:

You’ll have to sift through some of the other videos which are not Japanese related. If nothing else it may give you some ideas and some sources to look at for content. Also he presented on the week 2 challenge meetup some things about how he is using LingQ currently (third or so most recent videos).


I’m using this app / site for Korean and Chinese. For whatever reason I wasn’t impressed the first time I tried this site out and learned Japanese without it. I went crazy trying to find quality content with furigana. It didn’t exist. Anyway, I’d suggest reading anything and everything that looks interesting to you. You’d do well to maybe read at least a couple books in Japanese that you’ve already read in English just to get started. Keep Furigana turned on and read read read. Skip anything boring. My journey to B2 took 6 or 7 years. If I could have read effectively I’m sure it would have been much less. Good luck.

I started using linqq around a B1 level so I’m not sure how much advice I can give. The one thing I would advise beginners here to do is not rely on lingq to provide the correct reading for every kanji. There’s a limit to how accurately kanji readings can be automated, so you really need to highlight any words/compounds you’re unfamiliar with and confirm the reading in a dictionary. I think this is the biggest hurdle to using lingq as a beginner.