2011 new years resolutions

Soo what’s your 2011 new year resolution(s)?

Me… Make a serious effort with korean =p.

I still haven’t set my language-related goals for 2011, but I will certainly bring all the languages I already know a step closer to excellence. I am keen on learning more Swedish on LingQ (if only there were some more content…) and on trying to practise the Kató Lomb method with Swedish and/or another language (could be Polish, Czech, Finnish, Latin, Greek and so on).
Happy new year to everyone!

My resolutions:

  1. Take enough time off from Russian in order to make some inroads in Korean.
  2. Get far enough along in Korean so that I can start Czech.

Happy New Year to all!!

My resolutions:

  • Keep studying Spanish (consistency is key)
  • Feel fluent in speaking Spanish
  • Start studying French with my husband (will drop this if Spanish falls by the wayside)

Having watched Steve’s video (in Japanese), I realized that it is not so important to focus on taking tests, but it allows me to continue learning them hard, so I will try to take examinations in three languages. I have already written my goal in 2011 on my profile page. Getting high scores is a motivation for me. And in 2011, I would like to have more time to talk with people about various topics.

Oh, I forgot to say. In 2011 I want to start to learn Italian again, too.

i want to learn every thing about this language in this new year i hop that

As far as I’m concerned I want to be more fluent.

i don’t know how to more fluent but i am trying to improve my language .

But my junuary 2011 resoluson is to get over 900 for TOEIC 30 january. Now I really enjoy studying many books for preparation.

Copied from HTLAL:

Some of my modest goals:

Decent conversational skills in German. I took an online test the other week and got B2. My spoken German isn’t at that level yet.

B1 Spanish (or whatever level is above my current).

Better focus/structure for my Russian and Mandarin “studies”. Now it’s pure chaos, and it doesn’t take me anywhere.

Some of my ambitious goals:
Take the remaining Esperanto tests at the Lernu site.
A2/B1 Portuguese (I’ve studied it since September, and my Spanish has helped a lot)

Hi all,

I wanted to write something here, but finally I decided to make an informal youtube video about my new year’s resolutions, in English.

Btw, happy new year! I wish the best for all of you :slight_smile:

drink more and better
eat more and better
and a few other things involving drinking and eating…

Hi evry one

i wish to be happy and my dream come true

Smoke only quality Cuban cigars, instead of the rubbish I was smoking in 2010…

I don’t like to make new near resolutions, because I often meet with unexpected problems which make me push my plans into the future again and again. So I won’t state any numbers here, only ideas.

Here is what I expect to achieve by the end of 2011:

  • Learn enough English words to be able to listen unabridged audiobooks for natives without extensive use of their text versions and dictionaries;
  • Be able to immediately and confidently understand intermediate-level English spoken by real people (not professional narrators) in any accent of English, even non-native, without any need to listen it second time;
  • Choose which language I would like to learn after English. I can say for sure this will be one of the LingQ’s languages. I’d like to save the time I could have spent searching the web for basic content and to find it here.

Which is why i always set myself with very very vague goals as I don’t want to be disappointed and give up. I already know if i tell myself my newyears resolution would fail if it was something like " study korean 1 hour everyday" or “go to the gym and lose 30 pounds”. I try to keep numbers out of the new years resolution game. Much simpler that way. So my resolution is simply to get better at Korean.

Well, I have some ideas about what I would like to achieve and how, but we’ll see what’s gonna come out of it:

  1. Spanish: improve my grammar and push my active vocab to a more advanced level. I’m planing to do this by working seriously on my writing, with my tutor from Buenos Aires. If I have some extra money, I’d like to try DELE C2 in November. I’ll be smart like Benny theirishpolyglot and say that my goal is to SIT the exam :).
  2. Russian: simply improve vocab and grammar by using lingq as much as I can (and my Russian friends, as well). I’d like to be able to say that I ‘speak Russian’ by the end of 2011 (by ‘speak’ I mean something like ‘I don’t need to resort to English in interaction with Russian people’).
  3. Mandarin: my main focus for this year. Although I had about 20 classes in the first few months of last year, I consider myself starting from (almost) zero. I want to repeat my ‘Spanish experiment’ from 2010 and see how much I can learn by heavily concentrating on one language for some time. In the beginning I’ll use Assimil and llingq, then lingq only.

I’ve decided I want to take the DELE C1 in November. Thanks Aineko for inspiring this. I currently feel my Spanish is at an intermediate level, and I think this will focus my studies somewhat. The description of C1 is my personal goal for my Spanish (and always has been), so if I can pass this, I will be over the moon. It’s a scary and exciting goal for me, and I think those are the kind of goals I am more likely to achieve.

I want to get an ESOL teaching qualification. Thanks again to Steve for inspiring me to do this!

I’d like to get better at writing Russian too. And to be able to speak it just well enough that students don’t laugh when I try to use Russian to explain something!