2000 points for native French Readers (for each hour of recording)

Willing to offer 2000 points for native French Readers (for each hour of recording)

Hi, I have been reading on-line French magazines (with short-medium length articles that capture my varying interests–e.g. politics, nutrition, arts, celebrities…). I need a french native to read/record them so that i can listen to them in LingQ and my ipod.

I have separated the written articles into segments from 5-15 minutes each.
I am offering 2000 points for 1 hour of recording.

Get back to me and we can begin right away (I have a backlog of at least a few hours of articles that i would like recorded should the initial one hour work out well).


P.S. I know that LingQ already offers quite a bit of recordings but I enjoy reading varied current events that happen to catch my interest at the moment.

I just sent you a message on your wall ! :slight_smile:

This is a great initiative and one that we want to encourage at LingQ.

I hope the audio and text will be posted on your wall, Michael, and shared with others at LingQ. If you import these as lessons, and add in the URL of the text, these lessons can also be shared individually on the Friends page, even if they cannot be shared in the Library.

This is based on the assumption that the original texts are available to be read on the web, in other words have an openly accessible URL. Hopefully other users who benefit will be willing to participate with points.

You may also want to try several different voices, and distribute your points among them.

I really think it would be a nice feature if LingQ can offer in the future.

Don’t get me wrong, I do appreciate all the efforts the LingQ community has contributed. However, there are a lot of interesting articles on the Internet for free access but without proper audios. If LingQ can offer some features like RhinoSpike offers, it would be great. I mean, the users can request audio recordings for interesting and free access Internet articles, and recorder can earn something like points for their contribution. Besides, if these contents can be searched in the library, it would be really great.

As for those copyrighted or copyright-suspected contents, the users only need to provide the URL and title (the title is also searchable in the library). If other users find it is interesting for them, they can import into their private libraries. And the system can also use the URL as a key to prevent duplicates. Just my two cents.

kigoik, yes you are right, and nothing prevents members from doing so even now. We are going to further facilitate these kinds of changes in the future development of the Friends page, but as I said, you can ask your friends for this kind of help even now.

@kigoik: I would also like it if such a feature were integrated into LingQ!

Whatever became of your initiative? Did anyone accept your offer?


I am a native French, I can help if you want.

@Steve: “…This is based on the assumption that the original texts are available to be read on the web, in other words have an openly accessible URL…”

So if a newspaper puts an article on its website it would be considered okay to record this and share the audio file of it?

Steve, are you sure that there wouldn’t be some copyright issues in some countries?

Assuming it is possible, I agree it would be a great new feature! (It is things like this that would motivate me to upgrade my account - if there were more cool things to spend points on, I might well feel like I wanted to have some! :-P)

@J_4_J: I cannot speak for other countries but in Germany you have not the permission to pick up articles, record them and share the recording publicly. I guess if the authors would be aware of Rhinospike (for example) they would not be happy. In the case of LingQ I’m not sure. Definitely you shouldn’t share these lessons in public, but private shares with your friends only should be know big problem. One point I’m not sure about is if LingQ prevents the recordings from being picked by search engines. That is a difficult field according to the law.

Last year in Germay they closed a service from a university that offered recording of Dutch newspaper. Such a pity … I’had just discovered their website and a few days later they had to stopp the website.

I think that we all have to be responsible for what we do, and the less we talk about it on the forum the better. Certainly such recorded articles cannot be shared in the Library.

It is interesting that some newspapers now want to charge money for accessing their paper, and if you click on an article you are asked to opay. However, if you search on google by the title of the article, you can find the same article and many similar articles free of charge. After all, the newspapers cannot copyright the events themselves.


Yes, I heard something about the Bundestag passing a new law which stipulates that even search engines will now have to pay newspapers for displaying a title or a few words from an article in their search results? (In my opinion that is real madness!)


So if I understand this: it’s okay to have an article recorded for personal use, but not okay to share it in the library? (I’m guessing that a recording for personal use wouldn’t break any copyright laws - here in the UK at least.)