20 new italian lessons!

Yes, you read it right. Here I am bringing to you a fresh supply of new italian content to sink your teeth into. I’ve imported 20 NEW LESSONS, some of them are part of brand new collections

“Grandi Artisti” [Great Artists]: Discover the lives of the greatest italian artists, through simple and pleasant lessons. There are three artists already (Caravaggio, Bernini and Carracci, my favorites). Here is the link:

“La storia di Bari” [The History of Bari]: Wanna know more about my current city? Here is its whole story, from the Romans up until now. Great lessons if you enjoy history. Here is the link

“Scritti degli Studenti” [Students’ Writings]: Here I recorded, of course with their permission, some writings that student sent me to correct. I focused on making them as natural as possible. Good for beginners. Here is the link:

And finally, I’ve added new lessons to the collections “Scienza in poche parole” and “Punti di Vista”. Check them out at:

Punti di Vista: Punti Di Vista - LingQ Language Library
Scienza in poche parole: Scienza in poche parole - LingQ Language Library

Tell me how you like them! Good learning!