20 LingQs limit works in strange ways

Hi all,

I have a free account, and I have just hit the limit of 20 lingqs. Well, that’s okay, I thought: just remove some words of secondary importance from the list, and go on. Bad luck though.

Although I have 15 lingqs shown in the “achievements”, I cannot add any single lingq. That’s kind of frustrating, and I think this is a bug, not a feature.

Not to mention that 20 lingqs is by itself a mockery: you cannot get a feel of what is this system all about with such a rigid limitation - but that’s my subjective opinion. I didn’t get a feel of it yet. :slight_smile:

It’s not a bug, it’s an intentionally created HARD limit of 20 LingQs. Deleting LingQ will not help. It’s in fact LingQ’s way of convincing you to pay 10 bucks per month. Now it’s your turn. Happy Easter!

Thanks, Nobby!

So, free account is in fact totally unusable… Oka-a-ay…
And it gives you no feel of what this system is like… Well, not that I am particularly afraid of buying a cat in the sack (I’ve read one of Steve’s books, that’s why I am here), but the site seems pretty unstable. E.g., I’ve been trying to post this reply several times already, and the result was inevitably an “Internal server error”.

I guess I’ll give it a try though…

It still sounds usable. The free account is probably meant to allow you to get a feel for the system-- not to allow you use the system for free. LingQ is reasonably price, and more important, works!

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Yes, I understand that. My concern is, isn’t the limit too harsh, so that it frightens away too many casual learners?

(musingly) Although, if the aim is to accept only true believers in Steve’s methodology… well… then the limit is just about right. I think I should ask Steve for clarifications.