20 lingq on free account

Are the 20 lingqs non- interchangeable, but fixed. ?

… I have deleted all my lingqs [LingQs
Before I deleted each one the website says "This term is scheduled for review. Are you sure you want to remove this term? It will be completely removed from your account and your statistics. "

I now try to make a single new Lingq because now I have nothing.
This is what the data base here states “To continue creating unlimited LingQs, you will need to upgrade”

Aren’t the lingqs central here for the study format on your website?
Because I no longer have any lingqs, should I delete my entire account?

20 is a hard limit. Not sure what making a new account for every 20 lingqs will do for you.

I would suggest signing up for a month at 10 dollars (I think). If you are unable to pay that then create content in your native language and/or teach and you can earn points to pay for an account that way.