2 things

I absolutely love what you guys have done with LingQ. Just noticed a few things while using.

  1. The filter settings for the mobile app (Chinese simplified) aren’t working properly and also aren’t organized. The website itself is working better, but the filters are still hit or miss in multiple aspects.
  2. My words known seems to be adding a bunch of English words(Mainly book imported book intros, etc), which is a tad de motivating for people like me that like to gamify the experience. I can try to calculate how many are English but I’d just be guessing.
    Still the experience is phenomenal and I am so grateful to have this platform available despite the minor issues.

Hi Danny, thanks a lot for you nice words! I am glad you are enjoying using the site.

  1. Are you using iOS or Android app? Can you please give me some example of Filters that aren’t working properly for you?
  2. In cases like this, if there are some English words in Chinese texts you import, you will need to ignore them manually. There is no other way. Otherwise, if you leave them blue, when you complete a lesson, all words will be marked as known and will be included in Known words stats. You should ignore them to prevent that.