2 suggestions to improve lingq

Hi:) I’ve been using lingq on android only, so it might be different on other devices but I would appreciate two little improvements.

  1. it would be great to see if the daily goal has been reached in overview (without having to open the language). This would be useful when learning multiple languages.

  2. daily goal is very motivating but you get coins only for making new lings now. It will get impossible to keep the streak alive when you know the language well. It’s harder and harder to run into words I’ve never seen. I believe there should be coins also for reading or listening.

Thx and have a great day


I second the coins for reading and listening! If you are using LingQ to track your progress through extensive reading / listening, you are not supposed to be stopping all the time to make or modify LingQs.

Also,. if I may piggyback onto your thread , it would also be good to know how many unique words are in an ebook (or similar content) you have imported onto the site. It is very helpful to get an idea of how hard the book you want to read is. After some quick and dirty calculations I was astonished to find that PAddington Bear books have more unique words than Agatha Christies - in Russian at least"

I’m pretty sure that you don’t get any coins for modifying lingqs anymore.

And yeah, the counter of unique words was in the previous version and I used to use it all the time as well. That would be also nice to have it back :+1:

What’s the point of coins on the android app anyway? I only found a use for them on the pc version(buying things for some avatar that doesn’t’ do anything).

And now they erased all the coins on the app anyway as it only shows 0/13.

It just keeps the streak alive, no other reason than that. But I find it motivating. Every day at least that 13 coins:)