2-page pop-up at the end of a lesson

Could the (much-too big?) pop-ups at the end of a completed lesson be combined into one, please? If that were not possible, could there be a little X to close it from the first pop-up screen?

Apologies if this has already been dealt with in a prior thread - I do my best to keep up with things - but sometimes the reasons for these embellishments escape me.

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@SanneT - Thanks for the suggestion! Don’t worry, we’re planning on making more improvements to this popup. We wanted to push it since we felt it was better than what we had before, but we’re still collecting feedback and usage stats and will continue tweaking things :slight_smile:

What would be cool would be a ‘don’t show this box again’ option. I don’t care about these statistics and I wonder how many other people are like me. I find this box annoying.


I found it very annoying when I did many smaller lessons in rapid succession. ‘Don’t show this box again’ option would be it please. Cheers!

Does LingQ have an embassy in Vienna? Maybe we can organise a protest!

We are that embassy Colin.

Lingq is doing it’s best. That window was well meant, and maybe for the newbies it’s nice to see, but for us highly efficient, veteran lesson terminators it’s two annoying clicks that slow us down by 3 secs.


I like Colin’s suggestion of a “don’t show this box again” box for those of us who don’t need these kind of messages. Thank you for beavering away!

Yes, this ‘2 page pop up’ is rather cumbersome.

I agree with all the people who agree with me.

Add me to the list of voices who find the two-step process unhelpful. I would be very glad to see a “don’t show this again” checkbox.

I would also like to have the option of not seeing any popup at all.