2 New Courses for Greek on LingQ

Hello everyone! I’ve created 2 new courses for Greek on LingQ: Greek Culture, Folklore, Mythology, and History, and Cultures, Folklore, Myths, and History from Around the World. These courses come from texts written by me on a variety of topics, some of them related to my own experiences. I strove to create interesting, meaningful content for people to improve their Greek! I hope that all of you enjoy reading them as much as I enjoyed writing them!


Thanks for that, but I would like to have some very simple lessons for absolute beginners like I work, you work, he works… etc.
Greek gas so many cases and endings that I just undestand nothing or make 5 links for the same word - and it’s ennoying me!

I think there are quite a few simple beginner courses for Greek, from a variety of sources. I also downloaded a free grammar book to go with them.

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These courses are excellent. I started with the basic courses, and then moved on to our mini stories which have been my mainstay. Newspaper articles are too difficult. This series has been wonderful. Still very difficult, but almost manageable. I have done them all, and enjoyed them, although I can’t say that I learned all the words. I will go back again and again. They are still too difficult to understand when I listen but I understand them when I read them again. Many thanks>


Thank you for your kind words and stamp of approval, Steve! They mean a lot!

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