2 Errors

First of all, I want to congratulate for the new visual for the vocabulary and the way to create the lingqs, they look very good and I loved the special feature to select the language at the hint :slight_smile:

2 Errors that I got just today:

1º - Is about to lingq a whole phrase, when I click on the members suggestions, I got a “internal error” message, and I just can create a lingq from a phrase, If I add the hint manually.
This is the link for the error that I got it: NameBright - Coming Soon

2ª - Is from my LingQs of the Day, until yesterday, they are OK, but now, all of them are showing up as 200 ( or maybe more ), but no one show on my screen to review ( just show if I review them from my cell phone, using the android app ).
Link: NameBright - Coming Soon

Both errors are very significant, but I can add one more: the system offers more dictionnaries than before, but actually we can’t use them! For example I added my favorite Lingvo, however I received only the top of the page of this dictionnary with a word that must be translated, but it’s impossible to see a translation because the frame of the card doesnt allow to do it.
Before I could see the whole page of Lingvo with all meanings of the chosen word, select the meaning and put in in the line of translation on my LingQ card.
So we have now not more than much less dictionnaries for use - only Babylon and Google - the others are unaccessible to use!!!

There are issues with the recent changes and I am sure that we will have most of them fixed quite quickly. In the meantime I found that refreshing a few times cleared up quite a few problems.

Thanks for reporting these errors. We’ll be sure to look into them and get them fixed soon!

Thanks for answer, and for fixing the 1st problem.
Now I can LingQ a whole phrase normally :slight_smile:

But I’m still with the 2nd problem, I just can review my LingQs of the day, if I use the Android app in my cell phone, I can’t doing this in my computer, because the error that I show in the screen on the first post.

I think I found other problem, but I’m not sure.

Like I saw it on my LingQs of the day, they appears to be showing, day after day, without any interval, whatever your status is.

For example, I change up the status of a LingQ and click on the “Got It” button, and the next day, that card is showed up again. They shouldn’t have to got a larger interval ? Because the status increased up.

Is this right ? Or they really need to get a more larger interval after the status grow up ?

------- Edit ---------
I confirmed now, they really don’t are getting out from the review on next day.

And I forgot to say, that is on the Android App. On the vocabulary feature, at the site, they are scheduled to more days, like I expected. But I still can see my LingQs of the Day on the pc, like the screenshot shows in the first post.

@setyrop -The LingQs of the Day has been fixed. We have resent the last email which you should be getting now. Let us know if you have any problems. The old emails you received won’t work but the new email should.

I received the email, it is ok unless isn’t showing my selected review numbers of LingQs that I configured at the options on the website, it is just showing 25 LingQs to review, instead the number I configured.

And I want to know, if the Android App, will be updated to the new features, and fixed by the problems that I reported in the post above.

By the way, I liked very much the changes and updated at the website, they are looking very nice, specially by the new feature of the pile for our LingQs to review, was a really good job of you guys :slight_smile:

-------- Edit ----------

Some other things about the Android App, is that it don’t remove the card from the review on next day, even if you click 2 times on the Got It button in a roll, and if the status of that card is 4, you just click one time, and it disappears from the App, but continues to be reviewed next day.

And the lessons on the Android App, don’t show LingQs of phrases, just for words.

I liked the Android App very much, this is why I’m reporting this issues, I want to see that App very great, like the website is it :slight_smile:

In the email, does it show all the LingQs? Starting from the next LingQs of the Day email, this should be working properly, and you should be able to review those LingQs on the site by clicking on the Flashcards or Cloze Test button.

We’ll have to take a closer look at the Android app to find out what’s going on there :slight_smile: