1st my lesson at LingQ

Hello everybody,
Today I created the new lesson JUST ME IN THE TUB Login - LingQ What do you think about my created lesson? I just recorded sound, but store ain’t main. Is it pronunciation well?

Sorry, but you should only share lessons if you are a native speaker. Lessons in the library should be naturally because they are for the learners.

As I mentioned on the other thread, it’s great that you’re interested in sharing content, but we ask that all shared content be written and recorded by native speakers.

@lingqqqenglish: you can have your text corrected by a native speaker here at LingQ, or anywhere else, and recorded by a native speaker at www.rhinospike.com. That’s what I usually do.

Alright, Everything is excellent. :slight_smile: I just wanna to know did you understand my lesson? Is my pronunciation is well?

Sure, I can understand it :slight_smile:
The only concern is that these lessons are directed towards learners, and learners should learn pronunciation from native speakers. If Lithuanian is added as a beta language, I’m sure you’ll have plenty of opportunities to provide excellent content! :slight_smile:

Really? Did you understand everything??? Wow I can’t believe!! I’m delighted!