#180 baby_names

It is an interesting conversation and I heard in US it was usual too, how in Germany, to give grandmother’s and grandfather’s name as mid-name.
When I was born, it was the same but later, when I had a baby, we didn’t no more.
Sometimes I heard from names and ink poor child! What will be happen when he or she is coming to school, what will other children make with this name.

I agree with Jill, that we oftenbring a name in connection with a people we know.

In Germany it isn’t allowed to wait a long time - we have to go very quickly to the registry office for declare the new baby WITH name.

Jill have a good decision. Optimal to have for both - boy and girl (perhaps you need if you will have twins :slight_smile:

Mistake: Sometimes I heard from names and think poor child!

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You’re right Irene, we absolutely need an edit and a delete button. These are both in our to-do list but we have some other important features we are working on at the moment. We’ll get these buttons up as soon as possible.

By the way, I’m definitely not having twins and I have two ultrasounds to prove it! :slight_smile:

Jill - all the best for you, your baby and the future father :slight_smile:

Thank you, Irene!