12 hour LingQ outage

@u50623 - Here is part an explanation and apology I just posted to our blog, http://lingqcentral-en.lingq.com/.

We would like to apologize for the extended outage of LingQ which happened earlier today. This outage was the result of an unexpected failure of one of our database components. This caused some data to be corrupted and required that data be re-processed in order to restore its original condition. Unfortunately this process proved to be quite time consuming. On top of it all, the issue arose while LingQ Vancouver technical personnel were in bed. We became aware of the issue at 5:30 this morning, whereupon our technical team began working to identify and fix the issue.

You make your technical people start work at 5:30 am? Harsh.

Thank them from us please :wink:

It’s best to be prepared in case the worst happens. All LingQ members are advised to prepare themselves an emergency kit consisting of a torch, a bar of chocolate, a novel, a magazine or a comic book, a small book of grammar, an mp3 player with some LingQ lessons and a set of flashcards in their target languages.