10 clicks to get a definition for every word?

Making sure I’m not missing something, but every time I see a blue word I have to do the following:

  1. Click blue word
  2. Click definition that automatically pops up (which is usually wrong)
  3. Click out of box
  4. Click on word again (now it’s yellow)
  5. Click on the definition that it auto gave it
  6. Click on the Definitions dropdown arrow to see other defs
  7. Click the definition that actually works in the context
  8. Click/drag on the wrong definition it auto-assigned
  9. Click the delete for that definition (which is sometimes in another language) so I only have the correct one.
  10. Click out of the box to now continue reading.
    Am I the only one having to do this for every blue word? Seems excessive, would be much simpler to click blue word, have all of the definitions rights there and I could just click the one I want, then on to my reading.

I feel like this is how LingQ used to work before 5.0.

In Greek, I’m grateful for the first word. You could use sentence mode and translations of each sentence.

This is also my experience on the Android app, and why I always do my first read through on a computer if I can. With the keyboard shortcuts on the browser version the whole process can be very fast.

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I wonder if this is the same on iOS devices.

It seems to me like you are missing something. If you don’t like the first suggested hint, you can expand the blue popup (swipe up on iOS/Android, or click the chevron on web) and you’ll have everything you expect from Step #6. So you’ll be able to select or create a hint you like the first time.

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Click on the word. Swipe up on the bar. So it’s one click and a swipe…

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On app, if the “popular” choice is not a good one (I do agree it feels often wrong),

  1. Click blue word
  2. Swipe up
  3. Choose from the full list of choices…or if nothing to your liking…enter your own meaning or click a dictionary and then enter the new meaning.

On the web browser version it’s super easy

  1. Make sure you have the vocab sidebar open.
  2. Click blue word. All your choices are presented…or enter your won or click a dictionary for help and then enter your own.

I do wish on the app that they presented maybe a few more choices for blue on the initial page, but mostly I’m ok with the above.


So the swipe up was what I was missing and that makes it all much faster and easier - thanks!


Thank you!

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You can go to options and deactivate auto LingQ, this way when you click a blue word it doesn’t create an automatic LingQ for you and it reduces greatly some of the steps that you need to take. Just swipe up, click on the definition you seems is better and done. If you miss click by error, it doesn’t add a LingQ with a definition you did not like.