$1 premium

Why do existing members get emails regarding the $1 premium for people who have never purchased premium before? To me it’s a slap in the face for those of us who are already customers to keep getting these emails only to be told we can’t take advantage of the offer.

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Hi Michael,
$1 Promo email is for Free members only. If you have received it, that probably means that you have more than 1 LingQ account and one of them must be on Free level.

I am currently a free member on this account, but I can’t access the offer because I have been a paid member in the past

You are currently on Vacation plan on this account. I just checked it and since you never used $1 First month offer before, you can actually use it anytime you want now.

hmm how do I use the offer? when I went to the “get premium” page it said it was the normal price

Yoi can get the offer here: Login - LingQ

I can’t use the offer

My post above is 1 year old and the coupon code is no longer active.
You can get that same offer on this link now:

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