1) LingQ on Tablets, 2) Keyboard Shortcut Issues

This post is really about two separate issues I´ve come across…

I much prefer to use LingQ on my tablet (I use a Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 GT-N8013) and I also often use it with the Samsung keyboard dock. Currently using the Chrome browser on my tablet.

One of the biggest issues, however, with using the tablet is that I can’t seem to highlight phrases. I have no problem using the arrow keys and shift+arrow to navigate between blue and yello LingQs but I have yet to find a way to highlight a phrase and save a phrase as a new lingQ. I can select a phrase on my tablet, just as you would if you were going to copy the text, but LingQ does not seem to register this action. Just wondering if anyone has come across a work-around for this or a possible solution?

Additionally, one other problem I have noticed is with the keyboard shortcuts while going through flashcards. The keyboard shortcuts menu states that “L” is for “Oops” but I have never successfully had that shortcut work. The other shortcuts seem to work okay, though, the ones I have used, anyways. Is there a different shortcut that should be used, and perhaps the keyboard shortcut menu text just needs to be updated with this change? I tried both uppercase and lowercase L.

@kmahly - The keywords shortcuts won’t be currently working properly on the tablet as well as phrase savings due to the text-selection operation utilized on Android and iOS systems, however we do hope to add this functionality some time in the future! In the meantime, to save phrases you will need to use a standard PC.

Thanks for the response. Look forward to future mobile-related developments for LingQ.