1-click import

I’ve imported 1 page of Japanese text and it went to the English imports. (there is 20 English words within it).

I’m aware that the language detection is made automatically by google’s algorithm and sometimes it doesn’t work properly.

What I would like to know is… there is any way to move collections from one language to another?

If not, is there any chance that it could be implemented? Something like, be able to select a collection → more actions → move to language “X”

Thanks for listening. And just for the record, the 1-click feature is easy to use, fast, practical and extremely useful. Simply awesome.

Why not add this to getsatisfaction.com/lingq? That way we can see how popular the idea might be :slight_smile:

It’s there: http://gsfn.us/t/2arrp

Anyone that tried to import a lesson using the quick import and it was sent to the wrong language, have a look and vote for it. Thanks.