0% new words

If I look at my course view, I have 0% new words on all my courses currently studying. But there are actually new words in all of them. screenshot of one course below .


I am experiencing this as well across Korean/Japanese/Chinese. It looks normal for a moment as I look through the courses available, but then refreshes and removes any word count for “new words”… not sure, but I think it adjusts my LingQs count as well a little bit.

It seems to just be that overview, as I can click on a course and see that a lesson has new words available and some LingQs as well. Opening a lesson also shows that there are a lot of new words to discover, so it seems to be just the overview/home screen having some issues displaying new words and LingQs properly.

Hope this helps!


Same for me. This is happening on the web version when I search the library for courses. The New Words % displays correctly for a moment, and then switches to 0%. It also displays far fewer courses than it used to, and I don’t see any way of moving to a new page of search results.


I’ve got the same bug on the web version. It displays correctly for a split second and then all the courses show 0% new words.


Sorry about that. We will look into it and have it fixed.

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I had the same issues for the last 2 weeks, not only web version but app on talbet and phone as well. All course / languages I study are affected…

I have the same problem on desktop!

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Just wanted to note, this is still happening for me as well.

Thank you for fixing the problem. It works now.