📬FEEDBACK: The End of the Clicking Simulator - improving the LingQ web experience

I love LingQ! But I have been thinking about how one could solve some of the main frustrations that I have when using LingQ in my browser (some of which also carry over to the mobile app experience).

I will be mentioning mouse-clicking a lot! This may seem crazy at first, but trust me, it isn’t. I ask that you give it a chance.

I have made a mock-up of a couple of changes that I think might be good. I will explain them.

First the frustrations, then the solutions.

  • There’s an awfully lot of clicking involved in using LingQ. Every time I want to look up a word (whether it be blue or yellow), I have to click. Then for a blue word, I click a meaning. Then the pop-up disappears. If I want to add an additional meaning, I have to click on the word again, then click the little down-arrow, then scroll, then add the additional meaning. This can lead to having to click maybe 10-30 times just to read a single sentence.
  • The pop-up obscures the rest of the sentence. This creates an additional problem if I use the arrow keys to open the pop-up for a blue word, because now I can’t read the rest of the sentence.
  • The word meaning is placed visually away from where I just looked (i.e. the word I clicked), and the “plus sign” for adding a meaning is very very far away. Lots of clicking and moving the mouse around, which distracts from the regular reading experience.
  • The pop-up can change size pretty dynamically which causes even more “looking around in order to locate the thing I’m looking for”.

I explain further below this image

  • It occurred to me that most of the clicking is completely redundant; the only situation I would move my move to be over a word, is when I’m about to click the word, to create LingQs or lookup the meaning. So we might as well cut-out that click, which would heavily reduce the total amount of clicking-clicking-clicking, that is the current LingQ web experience. So,
  • The pop-up could appear on mouse-over. Often I just want to remind myself of the meaning, and I’m not expecting to add new meanings. So making it appear on mouse-over would mean that many many of the clicks involved in reading a sentence well be completely gone. And for sentences with no new words, there would be no need to click at all.
  • The pop-up is changed in such a way that the thing I’m usually looking for, is always very very close to where I was already looking; if I want to look up the meaning of a word, then I have already just looked at the word to move my mouse over there, so it’s a good idea to place the meaning very very close to that. That also goes for the “plus sign” for adding new meanings.
  • The pop-up should always have zero delay. That may involve some preloading upon turning the page and arriving at the given sentence. The magic of use-cases where a mouse-over is sufficient, is that it’s so smooth and frictionless. That only works if there is no delay. However, there should be a slight (but only very short) delay on audio playback, as I will explain.
  • The audio readout of the word should (optionally) be played upon mouse over (but after a hidden, short delay timer, starting when the mouse goes over a word, in order to avoid playback spam as I move my mouse across other words in order to get to the word I’m looking for). So why should it playback the word audio automatically upon mouse-over? Because otherwise we would be reintroducing the click that we just eliminated. Now, often I might want to hear the audio a couple of times, and in that case, a click is unavoidable. That’s why it would make perfect sense to make automatic mouse-over playback optional; because the speaker icon for the word is placed right next to the word/mouse cursor.
  • I have also moved the sentence (and speaker icon) up a bit visually, in order to make more space for the list of meanings for blue words.

Let’s not underestimate the user experience friction created by a large amount of unnecessary mouse-clicks.

Thank you for taking the time to read my feedback.


Btw, the mock-ups are just made in MS Paint, and are of course just meant to show the concepts/ideas that I’m talking about.

Let’s not underestimate the user experience friction created by a large amount of unnecessary mouse-clicks.

You can fix this by clicking on the button in upper right corner. This will move the window to the right side of the screen. This is the optimal way for desktop devices. The other option “as you have it right now” is usefull for very small screens (such as phones).


Thanks a lot for your great feedback and suggestions. I will forward this to our team and we will see what we can do.


Thanks! I appreciate you taking the time to read this! I spend a lot of time trying to figure out how to communicate the thoughts and suggestions as clearly as possible.

You can fix this by clicking on the button in upper right corner. This will move the window to the right side of the screen.
Wow! You just blew my mind! I can’t believe I missed that button. Thank you!

Thanks. I actually spent a lot of time creating that (and I know I’m not doing myself any favors by using MS Paint, haha).

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