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What’s your Young Visionaries? Please share with me.

From my childhood to my youth, whenever I asked my mother about the the female reproductive system, she avoided the conversation. Even during the school, there was no knowledge for these kinds of things.从我孩童到青年,每当问我妈关于女性生殖问题等,她都避免话题。甚至在学校期间,没有足够多信息去了解事实。 I can only secretly search the info on websites, like wikipedia, but it’s not enough, even some useful infos will be blocked by Great Firewall of China. Now in China, all talks about sex, orgasms, or the female reproductive system still are social taboos. 我开始偷偷地搜索网络知识,例如Wikipedia,但这远远不够,甚至一些有用信息也被中国的防火墙封锁了。现在在中国,关于性,性高潮,或者女性生殖系统的所有话题还是社会禁忌。谈性色变。

From my experience, I learn a lot from TED talks, for example 10 things you didn’t know about orgasm from Mary Roach, Sunitha Krishnan fights sex slavery, and Eve Ensler’s talk on embracing your inner girl. 从我的经验,我从TED演讲学到很多,例如Mary Roach的关于性高潮你所不知道的10件事http://www.ted.com/talks/lang/eng/mary_roach_10_things_you_didn_t_know_about_orgasm.html

Sunitha Krishnan 谈反对性奴隶的抗争

Eve Ensler:拥抱你的内心少女

I get to know the power from these inspiring talks, I really want to share these ideas and take the changing powers for the young people, especially young girls. Let most of Chinese youth know the truth and the right to gain a just and healthy life.

If I had a $1000 Young Visionaries contest grant I would create a Do-Sharism 2.0 online community for the most young people, especially young girls in some rural areas. 如果我有年轻人远大抱负资助1000美金,我将为多数年轻人,尤其是在乡村地区的女孩子,创建一个行动分享主义2.0 在线社区

Firstly, each unique young person will be embraced on the site for their dreams for a better future. What do they want? We can learn and share from others, but the most important thing is to let the young people to find some hope at the local level. They should be encouraged to do what they really want to do and be more, to change their lives for a better, healthier, and more sustainable future.

Secondly, just like TED talks or Green Drinks networking, we have the good platform to share the love, the knowledge, but we must do some real things. We can have the best practices or start-ups for some new ideas every season. We can also have the best Do-Sharism 2.0 Prize for the Monthly Best Doer/Ideas/Things.
第二,就像TED讲话或者绿色畅饮关系网,我们有一个好的平台去分享爱和知识,但是我们必须做些实实在在的事情。每一个人的一些新想法再联系Nexus,我们就会有最佳实践或者尖峰创业企业等。每月最佳实践人,最佳点子,最棒的事情都会设立行动分享主义2.0 奖项。让大家参与进来。

Third, the fist of Do-Sharism 2.0 is to encourage the young to make something special. The future depends on their imaginary and their visions. I believe in actions, brainstorm power, and that love is sharing. In short, Do-Sharism 2.0 can be a blast, like social media full with real human spirit and can-do spirit.

What actions are you taking to promote and protect the health and rights of women and young people worldwide?

It’s coming up: Expo Shanghai 2010. It’s a good opportunity to let the world know more about Shanghai, just like a mirror, vice versa. In other words, Do-Sharism 2.0 online community will be more, do more and join actively in some cities, even in Shanghai Expo Global Communities. 这邻近2010上海世博会。这是一个好的机会让世界知道更多上海,就像一面镜子,反之亦然。换句话说,行动分享主义2.0在线社区要成为带头人,做些实在事,多互动和走访一些城市,参与其中。甚至是上海世博全球化社区。

Besides, we will focus on some rural cities to connect all through online changing power from youth. We can make something extraordinary together. 除此之外,我们将关注一些农村城市,通过在线来自于年轻人的改变力量去联系一切。我们共同努力,一致行动可以做些特别的事情。

TED talks’ John Dorr said, “If you don’t go, you don’t know.” Before Expo 2010, it takes almost one month for me to complete my journey from Shanghai to Zhangmu, including a stop in even Kathmandu. It’s the best way to know more about the local community and youth, to help and share some ideas worth spreading and make the Do-Sharism 2.0start-ups for the youth. We also believe in the global youth power if we can unit and nexus all. You are a blast too, please join us. TED演讲中风投John Dorr说过:“你不去体验,你永远不会知道。你不做,你始终一无所知。 在世博2010前,我将从联结318国道友好城市的上海直达樟木,甚至加德满都开始人生行程。这是最好的方法指导当地社区和年轻人的机会。去帮助和分享有价值的想法。为年轻人创建一个行动分享主义2.0创业社区

What is your vision of lasting change for yourself and for the world’s young people?对于你自己和世界的年轻人来说持久性的改变远见是什么?

Carpe Diem, my motto. In 2010, I will do my best and be more. I name myself Angelia2041. Because I think I am unique just like others no matter what they are, who they are, which colours they are and so on. 2041 is a symbol, if you know more about 2041.com, the preservation of Antarctica by the promotion of recycling, renewable energy and sustainability to combat the effects of climate change. I will fire my passion for the green nexus things. It’s a sustainable, green, and social media communities for 2010 Youth Visionaries. I lift my spirit, set it free, and give it a try. carpe diem只争朝夕,要“抓住每一天”我的座右铭。在2010,我将做到最好和成为我自己。我称自己为Angelia2041,因为我认为我是独一无二的就像其他人一样。不管他们做了什么,他们是谁,他们是何种肤色等等。2041是个象征。如果你知道2041.com,它是提倡再循环,可更新能源和可持续发展能力与气候变化的影响做挑战,来保护保护南极洲。

If you could tell world leaders one thing, what would it be?

There is so much to do. Please kindly have less, and be more. Not only be leaders but participate in Sharism. Let’s Nexus all. Thank you. 有那么多事情要做。为了远大前程,请物质要求少点,而多做实在事。不要仅仅做个领导人,而是参与分享主义。让一切都联系透明化起来。谢谢。

Bingo,It’s database relationship. RAW DATA NOW. - Tim Berners-Lee invented the World Wide Web. 好极了,这就是数据联系。原始数据资料现在分享。 Tim发明了万维网World Wide Web。

It’s my frist time to share my visionaries and it’s my resolutions and my goals for the better future since 2010. I will make the great efforts and share some valuable things here and there. Cheer up. Lift the spirit, Set it free. Thanks all to support me and trust in me. Unit all, we can Stand. Nexus all social media and youth power, we can be our own master to create culture and New Sustainable World. 从2010年起,为了更好地未来,这是我第一分享我的远见,我的决心,和我的目标。我做些努力,再和大家及时分享些有价值的。 振作起来,升华我的精神,释放一切力量。 谢谢支持我和信任我。 联系团结一切,我们可以顶天立地。更要联系社交网络和年轻人力量,我们可以成为我们自己创造者,去创造文化和新的可持续发展中的世界。

Your Friends, 你的朋友

为什么GLobal 设置,变成大不列颠旗帜了? 看来有必要先创新一面 “Gloabl全球一家”的旗帜。

Wow Angelia, you are so socially active…good for you! I attended an international health conference in Hong Kong a couple of years ago (http://www.swh2006.com/gb/index.html). As I mentioned, I am a Social Worker (社會工作者), and community organizing is a major component of this field. People from all over the world, including China, came to the event. It was great to see so many people in China working towards these goals. Issues such as Global Sustainability are of great concern. Major Universities in China like 北京大學 , are turning out many 社會工作者 that are anxious to address these problems. Many are left to their own devices, just beginning in an emerging field in China. I wish you the best of luck!

As a native English Speaker, I did notice quite a few grammatical issues with your writing. When submitting a grant application in English, it would be a good idea for you to ask a native speaker to proof read your proposal. It will help you better communicate with your target audience. When I have a major proposal, I do this myself.

There are plenty of Native English Speakers here, and elsewhere on the web, that would be more than happy to be of service.


see lots of Chinglish.