‘Continue studying’ list not updating immediately on iOS

The ’continue studying’ scrollable menu at the top of the home page doesn’t seem to be updating quickly. This bug appeared for me on iOS simultaneously to your web roll out of v5.0.

This menu is the obvious and convenient way to go back to where you left off last time you were studying, but often doesn’t seem to update for minutes or sometimes hours, and still shows lessons you read through hours ago, instead of updating to show the ones you’ve just done.

I haven’t commented earlier as I just assumed it was obvious and would be fixed quickly, but that doesn’t seem to have occurred yet.

Cheers, Mat.

Does continue studying fail to update if you use pull to refresh?

It doesn’t seem to matter if you pull down to refresh. It just refreshes to the same non-updated order. It’s the same on both my iPhone and iPad too.